Ingrid Bergmann & Associates

Our Work/Life Clarity Program is suitable for anyone managing their own career transition. Perhaps your employer has chosen to downsize.  Maybe you’re not sure you know what you want to do for a living, or just not feeling good about what you do anymore.  Perhaps the time is right to pursue an unrealized dream.

The investment you make in this foundational program will pay endless dividends in career satisfaction, renewed energy and commitment. It will lessen the likelihood of false starts, saving you both time and expense. You will explore:

  • WHO you are
  • WHAT you find most meaningful
  • WHY you like to do what you do
  • HOW you like to do it

After your initial (complimentary) meeting we will ask you to take some time to consider carefully if and how this program will be of service to you. And then, when you are ready, we invite you to choose to work with us!

The Passion Test™ is included in this program. It is a heart-centered system and tool that helps you discover more about your authentic self and how to make meaningful, aligned decisions that lead to career and life satisfaction.

You will complete complete three online assessments (Lumina Spark, Career Interest Profiler Report, Career Values Scale Report) to help you learn more about your interests and preferences. Additionally you’ll be provided with some homework assignments designed specifically for work/life clarity.

This full process of self-discovery helps you uncover the answers to some very important questions:

What are my strengths? What is easy for me to do? How am I unique?
What do I want to do next?
What could I do for a very long time if money wasn’t an issue?
How can I best contribute to my community?
How can I get there from here?

The program includes your 65+ page Lumina Spark Portrait, Career Interest Profile, Career Values Report, two books, career search support materials, and either 8 sessions of private coaching (Intensive program) or 12 sessions (Signature program).  It is recommended that this Work/Life Clarity program be completed in consecutive weekly sessions, however it can be modified to suit your needs.