Ingrid Bergmann & Associates

A Narrative 360 is a powerful tool. It is a process of in-depth targeted interviews against a customized set of questions designed with the client.

Through the participation of a cross section of employees, colleagues and stakeholders, it provides a detailed analysis that reveals cultural, political, and other subtle organizational and performance factors that can make or break an executive.

Rich, real-time contextual feedback helps the leader and their coach to focus on those behaviours and competencies most critical to performance in the leader’s particular role in the organization.

The feedback and resulting action plan supports the client’s personal leadership development and may be enhanced by self- or impact awareness gained through Lumina Leader or Lumina Spark.

Narrative 360’s are recommended on a bi-annual basis. We use Lumina Leader 360, an automated feedback tool, to provide a “pulse check” at the mid-point to help clients stay up to date and connected to the progress of their personal development plan.

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