Ingrid Bergmann & Associates

Leadership Development is the cornerstone service of Ingrid Bergmann and Associates. Ingrid specializes in supporting senior and emerging leaders in both the public and private sectors, helping them play to their strengths and establish their winning conditions.

Interestingly, Stanford Business School found that nearly 2/3 of CEO’s don’t receive executive coaching or leadership development, yet nearly 100% said they would like coaching to enhance their development. Learn more about this gap here. Below are our services that support leaders and CEO’s as they work toward creating a positive difference in the world.

Executive and Senior Leaders

Ingrid acts as a sounding board for the difficult decisions you need to make and can help you gather specific and nuanced feedback through Narrative 360’s that can help you fine tune your impact as a leader.

Emerging Leaders

Immediately following a job change or a promotion is one of the most critical times in the leadership life cycle. Ingrid’s coaching approach helps you build self-awareness and develop mastery of essential leadership skills and prevent costly mistakes.

Derailing Leaders (including Abrasive Leaders)

All leaders represent a significant investment to the organization and sometimes a person’s style or habits can interfere with their success and that of their company or unit. Coaching assists these key people by helping them discover and play to their strengths, recover their sense of meaning, increase their self- and impact-awareness, demonstrate their connection to the organization’s values and expectations and build their interpersonal competence to equal or exceed their technical competence.

Newly Hired Leaders

In-placement coaching acts as insurance for the success of new hires from outside the organization who, in order to be successful, must quickly understand the new culture and make changes that add immediate value.