Ingrid Bergmann & Associates

Notification Support

Separations can be managed effectively for the company and compassionately for the departing individual. It is strongly recommended to have a consultant on site to support the employee after they receive the news that their relationship with the company is ending. This work includes three meetings:

  1. A preliminary meeting to assist the notifying leaders and/or the HR team in preparing for the notification
  2. Attendance on the day of notification
  3. The first private off site meeting with the employee to help him/her determine next steps

Transition Programs

I offer a 4-month and a 6-month program that is suitable for senior and executive leaders. Each program provides a series of one-to-one meetings as well as the preparation and follow up time necessary to ensure customization and time to review or edit materials that the client has written. I include books, workbooks and other information that helps make a successful job search easier. The program includes the following assessments: Lumina Spark Portrait, Career Values Scale and Career Interests Profile.


By the end of their program with me, your former employee should be able to:

  • Complete the most difficult parts of the grieving process and feel their confidence returning
  • Prepare  a reason for leaving statement
  • Identify several career options that would bring satisfaction and combine their strengths
  • Describe their Winning Conditions – those factors of the job that need to present in order for them to be most successful
  • Identify and define their values
  • Consider the possibility of self-employment
  • Create several resumes in chronological and/or functional formats
  • Develop a list of references and prepare references for calls
  • Manage a variety of networking techniques including informational interviews, cold calls and social media
  • Present themselves well in interviews
  • Recover from interviews that don’t lead to job offers
  • Negotiate an offer of employment that reflects their potential contributions
  • Prepare for the first crucial 90 days on the new job