Ingrid Bergmann & Associates

A complimentary meeting gives us the opportunity to learn about your needs, explain our background, describe our coaching process and programs, manage expectations, determine your ‘coachability’ and answer questions. It’s critical to our success that you consider our conversation for 24 hours so that you can be clear about the reasons you are choosing a coach from Ingrid Bergmann and Associates.

Once you express an interest in working with us, we follow up with a detailed proposal outlining the steps, fees and our commitment to the ICF Code of Ethics.

As a new client you would sign a coaching agreement that outlines the confidentiality provisions we have agreed to, session times and meeting protocols.

Arbutus imageAt our first meeting, we review a list of questions designed to bring further clarity to our work together. If appropriate, we choose an assessment tool to help both of us gain a better understanding of who you are.

In some cases meetings with your supervisor provide support and ensure clarity around the expected return on investment. A Narrative 360 may also help to identify strengths that can be capitalized on and determine areas that require greater attention.

Once the coaching begins, we develop a trusting relationship with you by becoming familiar with your world; being fully present, conscious and spontaneous in each conversation; creating a safe environment conducive to change; gaining acceptance as a confidante; and holding ourselves to the highest professional standards and ethics.

Our coaching style is to have a complete focus on you, to use positive and constructive listening skills, to be curious and creative, hold a commitment to the outcomes you have chosen and to be at ease with possibilities and silence. We communicate using advanced listening and speaking skills and by acting as an insightful sounding board, noticing body language, turns of phrase and tone of voice and using an elegant and thoughtful conversational style. Although we won’t laugh in the face of danger, we may smile at life’s ironies while you build a strong and resilient presence.

Once our engagement comes to an end we review the outcomes, noting where you have moved the yardsticks, where mastery exists now and where there is some remaining work. You may decide to continue the engagement, move forward independently or engage another coach. In the latter case, we maintain close affiliations with a several other coaches and are happy to make referrals.

How can we help you? Please contact us to arrange a complimentary meeting.