Ingrid Bergmann & Associates

In working with Ingrid I identified my strengths and an understanding of what gives me energy and makes me happy. With this understanding I gained the confidence I needed to make a strategic and positive career change. It has also started a lifelong learning focus for myself and has touched every aspect of my life. It has helped me mature and grow into the leader I am today, and view my development in a holistic manner. It was the most impacting experience I have had in my adult learning life, and I have continued to recommend Ingrid to colleagues, and friends.

HR Manager
International Manufacturing Firm

Working with Ingrid was the best professional investment I have ever made. I learned about myself, my strengths, and ultimately the kind of work that makes me happy and confident. I now work in a field that I find truly rewarding.

Alumni Relations Officer
Post-Secondary Education

When I first booked sessions with Ingrid, I didn’t know quite what to expect. I thought perhaps I would walk away with a definitive “Job X is your dream job.” That wasn’t the case, but what I got instead was infinitely more valuable.

I learned a lot about myself; my strengths, my weaknesses and how to recognize the ebb and flow of my satisfaction with my current work. Ingrid encouraged me to seek out information that would help me to find a rewarding path in life. It took about a year after finishing my coaching sessions to build the right contacts and to identify the direction I wanted to go, but boy was the time worth it!

It took a while to find a way to put every facet of my wide-ranging skill sets together and to find a company that was equally happy to have me as I am to have them, but in the end, that’s what life is all about. In the past couple of months, I’ve landed my dream job. It’s so perfect for me that I am still waiting for them to come and tell me that it’s all a big joke and send me home.

Sometimes you can’t get a sense of the mountain you’re climbing until you’ve reached the top and can look down to see how far you’ve come.

Product Specialist
Music Industry

As new business partners, we were struggling with what direction our new business should take and how we could both stay true to our lifelong dreams. We were feeling stuck and Anna helped us to create positive shifts towards a more fulfilled direction in our lives. Anna is a professional and at the same time such a down to earth facilitator. We feel so much more powerful now in our ability to make wise decisions that are important to us individually and as a team.

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