Ingrid Bergmann & Associates

We needed to create greater synergy between executive management team members to more effectively manage organizational change and build capacity throughout the organization.  Working with Lumina Spark and IBA, the team increased awareness of their personality preferences in various situations and identified opportunities to improve working relationships with each other.  The Lumina experience enabled each member of the executive team to produce professional development plans that aligned with the new goals and aspirations of the organization.”

CEO, BC Crown Agency

The BC Public Service Agency is responsible for providing leadership development support to public servants. It uses many tools in assisting people to achieve their greatest potential, and to foster good team dynamics for optimum productivity and engagement. One of those tools is Lumina. Leaders in the organization are free to choose the tool they want to use for themselves and their teams, and many of them are choosing Lumina. This leads to a common language and understanding across ministries among those who have accessed the tool. In my own personal experience Lumina is excellent  for working on self- knowledge and personal mastery, and it also offers valuable insight into how different personalities can work together for best team results.”

Assistant Deputy Minister
Government of British Columbia